We've made it easy.

Leese's skip hire service allows you to quickly find the right size skip for your project, schedule delivery and pay, all in just a few moments.

We have 5 Easy steps to hire a Skip from us:

  • Step 1: Establish how much waste you have, and what size skip you need.
  • Step 2: Plan where you want the skip sited, but, make sure you consider your options if it is NOT on private property (link to FAQ skip page). If this is on your own property, make sure you have enough room for the lorry (remember you need at least 10ft access)
  • Step 3: Make sure you know what waste you plan to dispose of and that it is suitable for general waste skips (link to FAQ Skip page). If you want to dispose of asbestos, we have a service for this, just give us a call.
  • Step 4: Plan when you need the skip for, taking into account any application periods should a road permit be required.
  • Step 5: Call us on 01395 277337, Get a quote, PLACE YOUR ORDER!!